One second...

please critique-wizard 2030

really? so they replace critique with forum?
anyway, please give me feedback on this tee. I know I know something missing here.

Watch this

i don't get it. what are you going for here?


umm...what you mean? i shouldn't post my design at here for some feedback? or


sorry! i was a bit vague. was wondering what your big idea was. your concept. i see a witch on a missile with a laptop. i don't get it.


well, i didn't think that much. so do you think i should abort this design and try another one? thanks for feedback.


the way i see it is that threadless prints technically amazing illustrations, beautiful subjects and/or brilliant concepts. browse around the printed designs and then think about whether your design matches up. spend some time honing your skills, check out a bunch of youtube tutorials on various illustration methods and just take your time. don't rush to submit, you will just be shot down in flames by a rejection email. good luck!

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