Got declined! need to know if the shirt is worth improving, should I move on, what should I change or if its just a horrible idea. I'm not bothered re-making it or changing the font or message. I used myself as a template, but not sure if its a good idea now that I think about it.

Should I add colour? or change sizes? or just throw this to the bin and make a new project?

Watch this

I see no reason why your art has been denied! I like it.


Hahaha too nice, come one I need some harsh comments! the people in this community are too kind. :)

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The biggest problem is that most of the fine lines in the drawing seem to have disappeared or are just not visible when you scale the drawing down so much. The text would be better as hand drawn but you might as well leave it off completely to give more room to the actual character. Rotating the whole design like that makes it look like it was just printed badly.

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i think the type is bad... and i must ask you, is that illustration yours? because if not, putting it plain and simple on the shirt is pointless. As it'd be a simple copy and paste scenario.


I'm sorry, buddy! Is that I really didn't see any problems in your design for it to be denied! Of course, maybe you could improve one thing or another (I think we can always improve things in our designs!), but to refuse a design involves a lot of technical rules that I haven't seen you break, since your design has been developed with 300dpi.

That said, @Morkki gave you excellent advices that you can follow to increase your chances of approval.


if the illustration is yours then that's cool. I like it. But your type needs work. Change the arc of the type on bottom to encircle the illustration. Don't stretch out your type it destroys the integrity of the font. Don't tilt your design unless you have a really good reason to do so. Do you read books with your head slanted? Type is fighting with design. Perhaps it needs to be smaller. If you're talking about scotch but you have a man smoking a cigar then you have to make it look more like a logo for a bottle and the man as the icon. Therefor look at scotch bottles and perhaps put type in an arched banner or knockout type to a black bar above and below. Hope that helps.


Does it need to be slanted on one side? Think it would look better sat upright! :)


Yeah I did the illustration, thanks for all the comments I'll take note and re-develop it for tomorrow, unless that is I give up in the idea before-hand. YOU GUYS REALLY OPENED MY EYES !!!! THANKS!

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you should illustrate the type as well, or leave it off completely, and show the illustration bigger so you can tell what it is.


I just thoroughly enjoy the title itself ("Top Notch Scotch"), makes me smile. I think you could definitely play around with at least the t-shirt color...and maybe make the type upright rather than slanted. But mostly I love the title :)

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