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Need critique with this design. I know it should have fine lines, but i kept it so to give an old hand drawn look, like a cave art. But now I think I should improve the lines, so should or should I not? Or is there something else missing?

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I think it would help if we knew what this design was, i have no idea what it actually is. In my opinion a Threadless shirt should be instantly understandable or beautiful to look at. I'm afraid you don't score high on any of these thus far and it needs a lot of re-working. Have a look at all the printed tees on here and see if you notice the same pattern that a lot of other people notice about what makes a good design....a printed design.


Okay so that's the prob. Well, the design was a submission for "Original Monster", that thing is a monster. Now i want to make it look as a cave painting. Any tips to make it that? or should I discard it and work on something else?


it doesn't even vaguely look like anything recognisable. sorry.

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The Taz hammer has landed BOOM!

I thought it might look a little bit like a hermit crab, but definitely not a monster. I don't think anyone would automatically associate this with cave painting art either. Have you done some research?

It did remind me a little bit of the Nazca desert markings though.


Okay then I went wrong at the part it being a cave painting. It's a Nazca Lines marking and also it's a hermit crab. Now keeping the thought about it being a monster aside, what should I do with it or should I discard it or maybe use it with something else?


This will never get printed as it is.

Try again with a different Design and concept, this is still re-usable as a nice pattern, layer or detail for another bigger composition.

but on its own it fails.


How about surround it by more of the lines (of a different color), maybe make some tiny people and background, could that work? Or I need to make something new and see if it fits in?


And because I don't want to start a new thread with same question, is the problem same with this one?


gosh. your second design is worse than the first. seriously. take the time to look at the calibre of designs that ARE printed here, and then look at your work critically to see if it meets those standards.


No reason to be harsh taz, we're all trying to do what we can to be good at what we do. Everyone start/progresses/creates at different rates and you can't just bash someone's ideas because it does no good. You could have essentially said the same thing and get the same point across without sounding like that. Now, in my opinion, the first could possibly be used with something else later on, but I don't think either idea could be enhanced to be eventually printed by themselves. The second is too simple and the first just is confusing to understand by itself. Wish you the best of luck on future projects.


Okay so my designs are either too confusing or too simple. Thanks soxifer. And taz, yes I have seen other designs, but the prob is, I lack illustration skills, so try to go simple.

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Extracting the bluntness from Taz's comment she does have a point. I would spend some time honing your skills, check out a bunch of youtube tutorials on variousPhotoshop and Illustrator skills and just take your time. No I think about it there are a bunch of tutorials on Threadless from some of the elites, they have some great tutorials. This one is pretty good.

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