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So apparently this submission is up for scoring, yet it's a blatant case of plagarism. I thought it could be a joke, but I doubt it. It should be definitely be removed.
Here's the submission[

  • "Finnish Hymn" submission


Google search that shows the original image

Watch this
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It's a joke, ..if you look at the two submitters, you'll notice they've been printed MANY times, ..and if you read into the comments on the submission, it becomes quite clear.

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Also most of those links in some way send you to a page from one of their pages... so relax, enjoy the joke and have fun.

otrom profile pic Alumni

some people just want to watch the world burn.

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Google search shows the original image.

You present a strong case for plagiarism. But ask yourself: Who created the image originally and how on earth did it get on to Google Image search?

You must go deeper.

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it's subception.


i love us


Well, reading into the comments it wasn't clear at all that it was a joke. Had I done just a little more research, I would have known it was. I made myself look stupid, so you guys win. Fuck...

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Hey, wait... it was all just a dream? There will be NO finnish hymn shirt?

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