I need help getting this submitted!!

My post keeps on getting declined. I think its a good one but they don't seem to think the same. Help?

Watch this

Can we get a picture of it?

mip1980 profile pic Alumni

I have to say that this design is pretty awful, I wouldn't attempt to re-submit it, Instead i would take a look at the shirts that get printed and see if you can understand what people are doing. You are supplying designs for a business that has to market their products to people and so the design has to have some relevance to the potential customers that will purchase them, submitting a random design like you have above will not inspire anyone to part with their hard earned money. Threadless has to be a fine line between what you the designer wants to create and also what the customer wants too see, not all about what you think is a good design. Good luck for the future


Yeah. I'm sorry. This looks like something a kid in school would draw on to a school handout. I don't really get what's happening either. Is it supposed to symbolize the power of voice? Why is it a wolf in a Native American headdress?

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