Please Critique. Newbie to Threadless

Alright! so this will be my first Threadless submission. Any advice? (ie. what could be better, what to change) I'm open to hearing anything at all that I should do differently.

Newest Attempt. What say you?

Watch this
modular colors

Hey there!

Firstly, I would get rid of the flames. They look really bad. Then, rework on the clouds. Try to make them interesting. Secondly, I would leave only one giraffe and integrate it into the new design. I hope you get the point :) Have fun!


damn well ok. You are saying change the whole thing. Why only one Giraffe? Just to keep the design a little more square? Do you just not like the rocketing hooves idea or would you suggest just making the flames different? I was going for graphic but I accept your criticism. I'll try different things with it. thanks anyways.


Ok. Here is another direction. This is just a quick sketch over my last one. I would refine it. What about this direction?


yo comment on this more

Stefbros profile pic Alumni

I liked everything about the first one, only the shape of the ends of the fire looks a bit, well, crap. The rest looks so well made, and then the flames are all weirdly cut-off. Liked the composition of the first one, the clouds look fine, and I like the colour use. I think it's helps if you smooth them out a bit.


ok ok. I can totally see your point there. I think i was blind to that at first but my eyes needed to come around to your view point. Cool! i'm gunna see what else i can come up with for those flames. I'll try smoothing out the clouds a bit. I agree as well about the first one being better. I got excited about the space one at first but not as much anymore.

Lachy Balboa

Maybe wings instead of fire?


alright! how about this. i amped up the clouds a little. made them look a little puffy and soft. I tried a few different rocket flames designs but none of them were working for me. I still feel like those work but i did make them less blocky like you said and changed the colour. Also i took out that texture and kept it graphic like the rest of it.

melmike profile pic Alumni

This is a really cool concept, but it's not about whether you should have flames or wings (I say flames btw), in the end it's your technique that's letting you down here. Very elementary I'm afraid. I'd be really keen to see this design with more 'style' and care infused into it. I'm talking about working in shadows and textures and things of that nature. Also, what's with their faces? They're flying about with rocket feet but they look stoned!

henry botelho

The idea is missing for me, what a giraffe with rockets is saying? I think it maybe work for child products.


Melmike - you are saying you think it would look more badass if it were more realistic or something? I was going for graphic simplicity, that is the style. Also ya they do looked stoned i suppose but its because they are just so uninterested by the fact that they can rocket around because they do it all the time.

Henry Botelho- why does it have to say anything man? but ya you are right maybe it is best for child products. good point. Should I try for that?

I like both your guy's design's by the way. There are some good ones in there.


Technically speaking, there's nothing wrong with this - its very well drawn for such an awkward subject and you've definitely got skills.

I'd sub it when you're happy with it and see how it goes... However keep in mind that threadless shirts often feature stylized or conceptual subject matter, and keeping this in mind when designing can help.

Good luck!


I really like this, Parker. Great visiual. I like the flames, but how about adding some wings on those bad boys?

I would totally buy this, it's unique and eye-catching for sure, and it makes me think of some alternate fantasy-land.

Keep it comin'!

Joe Hilditch

nice idea I really like it :) well done


I really like the idea of giving the giraffe wings. I've never seen a Pegasus giraffe before, that might look pretty cool. OR maybe give him some metallic rocket boots, ala gundam OR metal wings and rocket boots and have him shooting death beams from his eye balls! Sorry, I got a little carried away there.

Stefbros profile pic Alumni

I think the flames look much better now. I meant softing them, not the clouds, sorry my fault :P I actually like the way the giraffes gaze... it made me giggle. They fly around with rockets and not 1 f*ck was given. Perhaps playing with different thickness of lines at the giraffes will give it the more proffesional feel that some here are missing. Good luck!


Awesome guys, thanks for all the advice. I think i may just submit. I'm trying a scuba diving giraffe but I don't like it already so I'll probably just give up on it. About the wings, it seems like a lot of you like that idea so i may try them just to see but I feel like that may be complicating it. Still worth a shot though. Thanks for the advice. If anyone else has any other comments I'd be happy to hear them.

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