Virgin post - May I say hello & introduce myself...

Hi there, (virgin post so please excuse any forum faux-pas).

My name is Jay and, though It has been years since I first disovered/visited Threadless, this is the first time I've engaged in any kind of interaction here. (Apart from scoring/commenting).

I've been buying t-shirts from the site for about 5 years. I'm a huge fan of Threadless and the people who make it what it is.

A musician primarily, I have always been interested in design and illustration. I enjoyed drawing in my youth and have kept it up as a hobby here and there - nothing too serious.
I've always had ideas floating around that I feel would be welcomed by the community here, but not a flipping clue how to translate the idea any further than a pencil drawing!

Recently, thanks to the the 'Make' tab on the nav bar of the site, I have discovered a wealth of tutorials that have have inspired and encouraged me. I realised, hey I could actually do this and join in the fun!

After sifting through a stack of post-it notes (on which I have scribbled down many of my ideas/concepts) I dug out my sketchbook and whipped up a couple of the ideas properly.

I am still watching tutorials and trying to learn Adobe Illustrator (man, that Pen Tool is a fiddly little thing) but I very much hope to submit some ideas soon. I am extremely excited at the prospect of sharing my work amongst so many artists for whom I have a lot of respect and admiration. Seriously, I'm constantly blown away by the talent here.

A boring read, perhaps, but I just wanted to introduce myself and declare my excitement to get more actively involved in the Threadless community.

Watch this

Welcome to blogging & designing! :)

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Hi Jay,

That was a biblical length introduction, looking forward to seeing your first subs.


Hello and thank you both :)

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Welcome! Can't wait to see some future projects from you. Something I feel that all Threadless virgins should know... just keep submitting, even if your initial scores aren't stellar. This is a great group here and you'll grow so much if you keep at it.

Love your username by the way. :-)


Haha, glad to know you're a fellow Red Dwarf fan - One of my fav episodes! And thank you for the words of advice. I appreciate it :)


yay Red Dwarf!!!

I'mmmmm gonna eat you, little fishy!!!!


Hiya new(ish) guy! I am Taryn and i make butt jokes.


Hello Taryn, butt jokes hey? Cheeky! Hey 'thevalentin'!



Bumping to say hello to more people and also to ask some questions about Illustrator and eventual submission. Please bear in mind that I'm really new to designing and am still very much finding my way around the software, so please forgive me if these are silly questions!

  • Firstly is background colour. This is obviously going to be the same colour as the tees Threadless print on. So I download the template, choose a colour tee and use the Eyedropper tool to match and fill the background. Is this correct?

  • RE: filling the background... The bucket fill isn't as straight forward as I thought it might be so what is the best way to fill the background? Create a square with no stroke and drag it to fit the artboard?

  • My first design is for the Mickey and Friends challenge. There is a part of my design where Mickey's arm is alongside his torso. When I colour this in black, there is no defining line separating the two. So my question is how do I change the colour of just that one small section of path created with the pen tool to show the separation between arm and torso?

  • Colours have to be separated to different layers, right? So when it comes to submit, should I merge the blocks of black colour with the black line-work so all the blacks are on one layer or should I keep line-work and block colouring separate?

  • Last one (for now!)… I've been colouring using the pencil tool - roughly tracing along my neat line-work and then filling the marked area with colour. When removing the line-work these layers of colour look quite messy. This is ok, right? Is this a normal method of colouring? Because when the outline sits on top, it conceals the 'mess' and it all looks neat.

Ok, jeez I'm sorry for the length and the n00b questions but hey, I've gotta learn somehow and why not learn from the best since I have access to you all!

Thanks in advance for any help. I'm looking forward to sharing my first submission with you guys soon.

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  1. I have no clue. Still wondering this also. I allways export to photoshop and edit the background and such.
  2. -
  3. you should have made it as seperate shapes I guess.
  4. merge.
  5. I asume you use anchorpoints?

Welcome. Nice intro.

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you can add me at facebook (see profile) by the way, for questions and such. If you like.


Poeha, thank you for your reply. Yes I have used the pen tool/anchor points and have become quite familiar with all of that. My piece is very close to completion apart from the above little niggles that I could do with someone clearing up.

Anyone? I'd appreciate it.


*innocent big eyelash flutters, nonchalant whistling...adjusts halo


Welcome :) I am knew here too. Well I have been a member for a while but I always seem to be to busy to really get to grips with it ya know.

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