My first submission to "You are beautiful" contest. Feedback and critiques are welcome!

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This 'fat chicks are hot' rage makes me puke. Not that fat chicks make me puke. But the fact that it's continiously in your face, and almost forces you to like fat chicks and hate thin chicks. This gives that big-girls-you-are-beautiful-feel.

Now the possitive feedback: Your style is awesome. I love everything about the way that girl is designed, the colouring, the face, the details, etc. I would love to see your style some more. It's really cute and sweet.

mip1980 profile pic Alumni

I echo Poeha's comments with regards to the large ladies but i have to also agree and saw WOW!, what a magnificent piece of art. Beautifully drawn and inked to perfection. Superb first contribution to the Threadless community.



Thanks for the feedback. I don't usually work on illustrator, but I thought it would be nice this time.

About the design... it was what come first into my mind, and it doesn't happens frequently, so I went for it as I could see it so clear in my head. I'm not trying to force anyone to like or hate anything, it's just a draw :)

English is not my first languaje, so please forgive my mistakes :)


Thanks!! I wrote it as in spanish, shame on me xD

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