Failed Submission Critique

Hello everyone

I've just had a submission declined but sadly no feedback as to why. But there was a suggestion to put it here and see what you guys think so... have a look and tell me what you think.


Watch this

Er.... I dunno! Looks great to me!

Too violent maybe? Lose the blood on the knife maybe? X)


Thanks man I appreciate you taking the time to give me a little feedback. To be honest I only bloodied up the knife because I thought the red made the knife stand out on its own.

Thanks again

Dan Yingling

I'm a little confused by the text and feel like it could use some work. It looks washed out which doesn't seem to be adding to the design much. If those are blood stains on the text it's hard to tell. The blood on the knife is also an odd color.


Thanks for the feedback man.

The colour scheme was a deliberate thing as I wanted to keep away from overtly bright colours as it really took away from the tone of the design but I'm open to suggestions. Was it just the text you felt was washed out or the main image too?

As for the colour of the blood again it was in keeping with the scheme of the cat and also to not overpower the rest of the image. What would you suggest? As for the text it is blood on it but it's just supposed to be a background feature so again I didn't want to overpower the main image hence why it may be a bit too subtle.

Thanks again


clean work. Although when I first saw it I had to look at it for a minute to make out the text in the background. Maybe toy around with that and switch it up otherwise its good homie.


I'm guessing it was deemed to violent as well, especially the confrontational text.


I think that the background text could use some shadows or a bit of depth. And maybe some birghter colors indeed. The rest is cool. Goodluck

pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

Yeah the whole thing doesn't feel very "threadless" to me. Have you looked through the catalog of designs for sale and sold out shirts?

1- It seems too violent .. I know they did some comic book style zombie designs but this is nothing on that level.

2- The text does not add to the design at all. It's hard and big and blocky and does not fit with the sketchyness of the cat. Also the phrasing is poor. "Come at me Bro"? Seriously it sounds like something that some douchey jersey shore tv trash guy would say.

3- I'm going to say this again because it merits stating. And I know that it was pointed out to you on a different thread of yours. Look at current and past designs that WON. Check out the style.. the topic.. etc etc... Then ask yourself before submitting, does this look like something that Threadless would print??

kimkong1014 profile pic Alumni

VIOLENT THEME. I get the same prob with one of my design before for a Superhero Competition, though i worked a lot on it.


Maybe lost the knife completely... move his paw down with his other one, but have his claws bared and digging/scratching at the floor. Keeps him psycho-pathetic that way. X)

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