i'm a whiner but this feeling is stronger than me

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actually i have no opinion either way, but don't be THAT person, dude. i would never wear your shirt, but then again i wouldn't wear ANY of them.


hmm i think we're just going to have to agree to disagree here.

although, technically, it's a nice design.

but, personally, i find it a little boring, especially compared to most of the chosen winners.

that's just my opinion, though, which is just one opinion which probably doesn't matter much.

please keep making arts!

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

There were a ton of really great designs for that challenge, but unfortunately they can't print all of them.

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Mantichore said:

I was already surprised by the amount of shirts they printed from that challenge

This. I might have subbed if I knew they were going to print so many. In fact I was very disappointed that they only printed 2 Arcade Fire designs.

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i don't think so man...

yours isn't bad, necessarily, but it's not really all that good either. But who cares anyway right? haha. There's a new challenge like every other day so just try again next time! Good luck.

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