Abstract Panda | Wants to hear your voice! (critics)

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Fran Razor

Hey bro,your design is great! if it gets printed, i'm gonna buy it. Can u give me your impressions about mine? Nice vibe!

Here it´s


Nice work man. I really like the design. The only slight suggestion is that maybe the shapes in the back on the right could be another colour to make the panda (being black and white) stand out more on the white tee but like I said a very minor suggestion. Excellent work I'd buy it and have just gone and scored it accordingly.

If you have a minute I have a failed submission thread and it would be great to hear your opinion. http://beta.threadless.com/play/forum/post/966015/failed_submission_critique/



Hey. Well done. I like your Panda. ;)

modular colors

Hey there!

Nice illustration, but the title doesn't work at all. Your panda is not abstract at all. You have just put 3 shapes and named it abstract. I'm not into that. The panda is angry and just that. Play with the animal and integrate it in a suitable context. Have fun!

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