(n00b alert)Submitting my first design!

I'm VERY new to threadless and I have some questions! I've read the whole submission guidelines and assets. I've downloaded the t-shirt zip file, but it has an error when I open it. It says it's missing layers, opens anyways, and I can't work with it at all. So... I made my own.
Would just this be acceptable?

Do I even have a chance? haha!
Thanks guys!

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Don't worry about using the mockups/guides they provide for you. You can do it on your own if you like, as long as your submission includes everything they mention in the guidelines. This one looks fine to me, you've got the design there and a mockup on a shirt.

Pretty solid design by the way, especially for a first time! Personally I'd darken the colors just a bit, right now it seems a bit hard to see all the detail you've got going on in the fishbowl. Besides that, good stuff! I'd say you've got a pretty decent shot with that one. Reminds me of a few Threadless shirts, which is a good thing, you've got the right vibe going on.


Way better than my first submission. Nicely done!


Excellent work well done especially for a first go.


Oh wow thank you!!! You guys are so awesome and welcoming too.

modular colors

Hey, love your design. Put it on a straight white tshirt to pop up more :) Have fun!


Lovely design. Perhaps make the lines pop a little more.


hello and welcome....

just tried out the download.zip of the template....works out...(?)

sometimes some little things do not work out for a couple of minutes because this site is still a bit work in progress, beta version, maybe you just go ahead and try again... (or maybe you have a very old version of photoshop?)

I like your first sub, I´d give it go, why not...the only thing is that the fishbowl is not that good to see on that template you used, maybe just a bit too much of light on the right top corner of the template or design, makes it a bit too pale for this beautiful drawing, I think...but it is a nice work, anyway...

to make yourself comfortable when you are very new, I think this is always a nice read through and good to link to others who are very new, too

have fun


agree, very nice illustration! And yeah I had the same problem with the provided tee template and just made my own. Looks like you managed to work around it fine ;)


Lovely work. You should remind us when it's up for voting!

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I have the same problem, I think it might has something to do with the photoshop version, since I have a very old version.


I think its good as it is. It is quite subtle though. For me thats favorable in a garment but I reckon some people would like a T-shirt to be more "bam heres my new t-shirt" maybe?

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