Help with Critique!

I recently submitted this and threadless denied it saying there should be more work done to it. I'm just lost as to what else to do to it. I wasn't going for simple and straightforward. Any ideas anyone? thanks for any feedback!

Watch this

Erm... maybe ad a little more character to the rider? Make him look as if he's a cowboy on a bucking bronco, waving his cowboy has in the air and having an amazing time... despite being on a boring old tortoise/turtle/whatever? XD


Maybe some details in the shell of the tortoise... also i'm agree giving more character to the rider! Good luck!


Lol I used them how they are on real signs, figured it wouldn't make sense if they were changed up from what they really are. But I like the whole bucking bronco idea, I'll see what that looks like. Thanks for the ideas!


Here is an updated version, hope you like it :)


A definite improvement from the original. I couldn't really tell if the person was riding the turtle carrying him like a brief case.

I really like the bucking broncho image and the distressed treatment is a nice touch.

Aji ontowiryo

i think 1 color looks too plain maybe would be good if you add some brown rust texture, this current texture seems not working for me, you can do some research about "rust sign" from google. also the turtle silhouette looks weird with eye hole and distance between body and legs. i'm not sure my advice would improve anything though, good luck with that :)


Thanks guys, I usually never get any feedback so I submitted it last night not expecting any more people to comment. So at this point, I can't add anymore. I thought about some rust but wasn't really sure where to place it out or how to get it to match and fit in.


Glad you liked the idea! You've carried it out so well too! Great job! ^^


thanks man! I like what it looks like so much more, thanks for the wonderful suggestion!

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