Help! Would this be a good submission?

I made a vector design of a tiger and thinking to put it on a tshirt. To have the tiger shifted off centre and fill remaining space with random stripes. The attached image is a rough idea of how it will look. What do you think? Please comment. Thank you :)

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I think this tee would struggle to score highly to be honest, It needs to have something more about it, such as style or message. A simple vector tiger face that is slightly off center would not be enough to get most peoples juices going. If i were you i would try and re-work it, definitely shrink it down so that it does not cover the whole shirt and add a bit of your own unique styling that no one else has done. Good luck for the future :-)


Thank you! That's what I needed to hear! Honestly, I kind of felt that a simple vector might not be good enough. I already attempted a halftone fading but was not happy with the result. Will be searching for a style or a new design based on this vector. Appreciate your help :)

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it's not just the simplicity of it - simple can do exceptionally well here - it's that it also needs a concept. at the moment it's "just" a tiger, regardless of how plain or fancy it might be, and "just" isn't good enough - it needs a catch, a hook something that really draws the viewer to it. occasionally shirts get printed for just being astoundingly beautiful, but thats rare and even then they normally have something a little more unusual to them then just being a pretty picture. good luck!


Stick some sunglasses on him or something! ;D


it needs a concept. otherwise it is just an ugly zoo tshirt.

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