My Animal Design Series

I am going to attempt to draw as many animals as I can.

  1. Owl - Done (2.94) still can't thank you enough for this one!

  2. Wolf

  3. Bear

  4. Lion - Done

  5. Tiger

  6. Cat

  7. Dog

  8. Fish

  9. Horse

  10. Snake - Done

  11. Bat

  12. Phoenix

  13. Panda - Done (2.40)

  14. Rhinoceros


Lion and Snake

Pandas - Collab with Soloyo.

If you got any more animals you'd like to see me draw please post them. :)

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fightstacy profile pic Alumni

Shark Phoenix Chicken Rhinoceros Gibbon Snake Pigmy Peahen Whale Aye-aye Tarsier Bat Rat WildCat

pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

You should do a Rhinoceros :)

soloyo profile pic Alumni

You already drew some pandas cough, cough

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