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Submission Blog 2013 *This better be a good idea! SCORING NOW!*

Sup fellas, this here blog will be where I keep track of my submissions from now on.

Thought up, drew, scanned, inked, coloured and subbed this fella the other night
I hope you like him!

You can vote for his confused little face here!

Watch this
Abstract Matter

Also, feel free to throw your own early stages/sketches/slogans on this blog for opinions :)

Abstract Matter

Ignore that first comment, I recycled this thread from an old one ^_^

blackhand_ profile pic Alumni

Nice work, sir. Voted!

fightstacy profile pic Alumni

I'm all like, wha'happen to your catbug?

Abstract Matter

Yeah I ended up not finishing Catbug in time. However there is a Catbug, Impossibear and Jelly Kid tribut contest at WeLoveFine that i'll be subbing it to and (maybe) winning a new tablet! Haha in my dreams

Abstract Matter

So how would y'all feel about webcomics in this style?

nikoby profile pic Alumni

nice cartoon character, don't know if I would wear that shirt color (it wouldn't look so good on my pale flesh)

Abstract Matter

It's on three colors, mang!

Burnt orange, jade and navy!

mip1980 profile pic Alumni

very nice sir

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