Submission Blog 2013 *This better be a good idea! SCORING NOW!*

Sup fellas, this here blog will be where I keep track of my submissions from now on.

Thought up, drew, scanned, inked, coloured and subbed this fella the other night
I hope you like him!

You can vote for his confused little face here!

Watch this
Abstract Matter

Also, feel free to throw your own early stages/sketches/slogans on this blog for opinions :)

Abstract Matter

Ignore that first comment, I recycled this thread from an old one ^_^

blackhand_ profile pic Alumni

Nice work, sir. Voted!

Abstract Matter

Yeah I ended up not finishing Catbug in time. However there is a Catbug, Impossibear and Jelly Kid tribut contest at WeLoveFine that i'll be subbing it to and (maybe) winning a new tablet! Haha in my dreams

Abstract Matter

So how would y'all feel about webcomics in this style?

nikoby profile pic Alumni

nice cartoon character, don't know if I would wear that shirt color (it wouldn't look so good on my pale flesh)

Abstract Matter

It's on three colors, mang!

Burnt orange, jade and navy!

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