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Ok, can someone help me figure this copyright thing out? I've seen video game characters on shirts printed and accepted to be rated. Before I think of a video game idea, is this ok and not a problem with copyright? Also, I recently submitted a design with elements of Charlie Brown and Charlie Chaplin, it was declined for fear of flirting with copyright. That would be completly ok, but as you probably know there is a tee sold on Threadless called "a Hero named..." (which I own) that has Charlie Brown in a Link outfit. There was also a submission accepted that shows Charlie Chaplin screening into a Mic.... So why was my Tee declined, it had elements of both tees that were accepted and nothing more. I just want to know what the exact problem is.

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Here's most of what you need to know, ..basically, make it super funny, super clever and a wee bit vague at the same time, so as not to hurt the property, or pass off as official merchandise.


Mine was as vague as the "Hero named" shirt... That makes sense though, just don't understand why mine didn't make it :/


I found the reply email in my spam folder, they said the Shultz family contacted them asking to not make anymore Charlie Brown shirts. So, back to the drawing board!

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