Please critique!

So taking the plunge into the Threadless world. Im hopeless when it comes to Illustrator and Photoshop but I do have access to both and am willing to learn. Please let me know what you think and what I should work towards!
enter image description here

Watch this

Oops! Sorry. Let me try again:


I think it´s cool, but I don´t like how the noodles end in stright line, and the top of the tower looks tilted to the right


Thanks Verdes. Good call on both accounts. It is just an idea so I will try integrating your suggestions into the next version

thomas callahan

Right, finish the noodles off and probably just remove the castle wall. Also, you could fix some of the proportions in the castle and the girl. It's rad!


That looks great!

I second the idea of finishing the noodles in a big pile rather than a hard line. Also remove the castle wall behind.

It's a great concept


I really like this design, my only comment would be on the brick work in the tower. On the left hand side it appears to go straight across, but on the right hand side it curves. I think you should redo the left hand side so that it curves just as much as the right.

I hope that makes sense.


Thank you all. This is really helpful! Do you have any advice as far as adding color goes? As I mentioned, Im super green to the Adobe programs, but have been watching the threadless youtube tutorials (they are great!). Thanks again for taking the time to give me your feedback.


I think that the wall is fine, with out it the design would look like an up side down T, it would have too much white, see both options, is not much work

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