WIP: fb + pick the title you like most

Hey guys, I'm working on a design for the Monsters challenge. I am a big fan of dragons and similar types of creatures, especially Lord of the Rings' Balrog and Smaug. For this project, I wanted to combine a cute face with a menacing body:

Pencil sketch:



Still working on the coloring, although some people tell me it looks good in black&white. I also want to add some blood splatter around the mouth. As for the name, help me out and choose between these three:

“Predation Adaptation”, “Critter's Camouflage” (because of how the monster has a cute face to lure in potential victims) or “Baby Face”. What do you guys think?

*Also, show some 5 love to my submitted design titled "Photo Booth Memento" here :)*

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