Hey Chicago!!

I'm going to Chicago this weekend to visit a friend!

Anywho. We're going to hang out and do things, but what are some cool things to do?

She has been there since August, so she generally knows what's fun, but obviously there's lots to do in Chicago.

I've been a few times, but looking for something to do other than typical "tourist" things.

We want to visit Threadless as well. Can that happen?

Watch this

or if you live in chicago. let's hang out.


I think you can pretty much walk into the Threadless warehouse whenever you dang well please. Unless they're busy. Or, like, midnight.

I suppose Uncle Fun's is an atypical touristy thing. Store filled with lots of fun doodads and bric-a-brac.

But I actually enjoy touristy things. Navy Pier, the Natural History Museum, the aquarium, those were all fun.


And hi, Steph. Balboa Park is huge and definitely worth checking out when you're in SD.

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Well what do you like to do?

Eat at Hot Doug's, it's a long wait but worth it.

See a show at the Empty Bottle. (if you're into dingy kind of dive bars)

See a movie at the Music Box Theater

Walk around Belmont/Clark area for funky shops like Hollywood Mirror and Chicago Comics

Eat fancy semi-expensive pancakes at the Bongo Room in Wicker Park (white chocolate caramel pancakes are the best but make sure you share with your friend!)

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The warehouse/HQ isn't open on the weekends but if you're here on Friday we're open till 5. If you're a drinker, have a schlitz and malort if you dare. Eat so many foods like Chicago Diner if you're into vegan food or Kuma's Corner if you like the meats. Also Kuma's just opened a new location which is bigger and thus less of a wait. I swear we have things other than food and booze but that's what I am best at.


thanks for all the suggestions y'all. will share with my friend and see what to do.

i fly in tomorrow morning. and am leaving monday night.

are you guys open on monday?

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