Designing with the purpose in mind

I wanted to share my thoughts with everyone because I thought they may be useful and I want some other insight. I came to share a few thoughts on the design process.

When designing, sometimes you can spend time on a design that turns out to be a lot less than you expected, which can be disappointing at first. But you still feel like the initial design has potential, so you think and experiment, to at least create something you're not totally disappointed with. Eventually you've narrowed it down to two quite different designs.

You're now faced with the challenging task of choosing your final design to finalise and complete. Which one is it going to be? Can't decide?. When such a task comes up, I find the best plan of action, is that, I stop viewing the designs as a designer and begin viewing as a potential customer. Which in this case, is someone looking to purchase a new guitar and matching T-shirt (this will change with the context, designing with someone looking for a guitar in mind when you're in fact designing a shampoo label probably won't help much. Unless of course you've invented "rocker shampoo", that could be your thing, follow your dreams). So changing into a different person could be a symptom of a mental illness, but I believe it helps, it allows you to stop fiddling with everything and allow you to ask a very important question. Would I buy it? If I had to buy one of these things, put up with it, give it a home, would I buy it?

This question allowed me to pick my design for finalising and be sure that I was making the right choice. I had a design that took a fair amount of effort and a design that came about quite easily, and I ended up choosing the easy one. Even though I felt like a lot of hard work had been wasted (which isn't completely true as it adds to my experience, and I gained from it) I chose my simpler design because if I am being completely honest with myself, that is the one I would buy. The simpler was more effective as it fit the purpose way more than the other design did.

And that people of the internet, is the story of how I put rainbow zebra stripes on a digital image of a guitar. The simpler design was superior to a more complex design. I hope this was somewhat helpful and would like any advice or input if you have it, thank you.

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Any input into the design process is always helpful. Cheers*

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