Toxic Pattern Design - Socks (Now open for voting! :D)

So it's occurred to me that my previous attempt at a industrial/toxic sock design -probably- won't get accepted, mainly due to the fact that it'd be just way too damn fiddly for Threadless to print! (that and it might just not be very good :3)... (see link:

...sooo, I figured I should maybe try and do something a little more sock-standard. A simple pattern of sorts that stays within my theme. This is where I'm at:

Maybe it's just the way I've arranged it, but doesn't really look like it's there yet. More graphics needed? More generous spacing? Text? No idea. XD

Halp meee! <3

Watch this

Ever so slightly tweaked version:

Would still love some critique! ^_^


Another one, but with better spacing and no text.

Comon people, would -love- some feedback on this! Would really like to get it submitted! ^.^


I like both of them, but if i have to choose i prefer the second one!! Nice design by the way!!


Thank you very much for the feedback guys!

Not sure which one I should submit now! As I don't own the font on the second one, I think I may have to play it safe and go with the third, all-pattern one. X)


I like the one with the text too, so I hope you can do both!

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