quick feedback please

Watch this

It's tight. What are you going to use it on?

If I had any critique I would perhaps enlarge her eyes just slightly, so that they are not lost when printed and viewed from a little way back. Also, would add a little more contrast...darker lines etc.

sweet n sour
sweet n sour profile pic Alumni

I didn't realise someone had left a comment on this, cheers dude, I don't know I might sub it here if I get it finished but maybe not as it might upset randyotter, my work gets sand in his vagina for some reason, also subbing stuff to threadless for fun doesn't seem that fun these days

randyotter3000 said:

The last thing we need is some more terribly coloured tees of the same spewing woman

Musarter profile pic Alumni

Screw Randy, make it awesome and sub it. Your work/style is always awesome. My only thought is that in the future, since this looks pretty far along, try using some new symbolism or introduce some new animal hybrids. Just a thought.


lol @ sand in vagina

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

I love your spewing women so hard. Do you put these lovely ladies on shirts elsewhere on the web?

sweet n sour
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no not yet, designing stuff for shirts is something I do as a kind of hobby, I'm a fine art graduate and that's where my heart lies, I'm no graphic designer or illustrator I'm a pretentious arty farty type. I really need to get my shit together and start painting again

I've done loads of drawings like this in the last few months with the intention of making them in to paintings and sculptures but I just can't seem to find the motivation

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

You should post some of your paintings! That would be awesome to see. Some times things are destined to remain as sketches, especially if your passion lies elsewhere.

Oh yeah, I meant to ask. Can I post the remake I did on Society6? I love it, but wanted to ask first since it's pretty close in concept to the original. :-)

BeanePod profile pic Alumni

I saw that comment and thought it was a bit of an unwarranted attack. Sure, nobody is going to like everything artists create (which is great) but that seemed a bit personal. Anyhoo, just my take on it.

Keep making having fun, there are plenty of other people who enjoy seeing your work here. I agree with Tiff too, seeing some of your other work would be really cool.

sweet n sour
sweet n sour profile pic Alumni

I don't mind at all tiff, do it!

I do love t-shirts though, I pretty much only wear tee's, I'm wearing a sweet ass ben foot shirt right now

cheers bp, I don't really like the paintings I did at uni any more but when I get something new done I'll post it :)

citizen rifferson
citizen rifferson profile pic Alumni

hey man, you've got a couple of t-shirt prints coming up for Digisin, right? I saw them post a couple of your older designs on their facebook page..

Also I can definitely relate to lacking the motivation to paint more, I did do a bit of painting recently, but it was a collaboration piece so I only had a small section to do. Would be cool to see some of your paintings though, might encourage me to get off my arse and stop staring at photoshop all day, haha

macdoodle profile pic Alumni

i would LOVE to see/own your designs as sculptures!! 3D spewing awesomeness!

parallelish profile pic Alumni

i like your stuff but it's just more of the same... you don't really need feed back at this point anymore do you?

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