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Need critique, tips or tricks? Post your design here.

Post your design here and I will help you with all the swag I got.

xxx Papi Yolo

Watch this

what do you reckon?


Hi verdes,

I had to change your design A LOT.

First of al, I immediatly noticed that you absolutely need my help with drawing a dog. Yours is all square! So I had to completely redrawn it unfortunatly. Your clouds seem to have the same problem. Is there something wrong with your computer or something? I don't know if you noticed but some letters are behind the sword. redid the font. People don't like skulls. This isn't deviantart with them gothics. People like cats with glasses. Pleas look at what got printed! Overal your design is too manly, I'm afraid you won't get any female votes, which will cost you 50 procent of you votes, so you allways have a 2.5 lower score. To prevent this from happening I added some things women feel immediatly attracted by.

You are welcome. xxx


Hi Gorillax,

I see you have drawn Screech and Urkel here. I have no idea who these other people are. So noone else will. So I replaced them with better looking angels. I thought it would be nice to use this sub for the threadless christmas-sweater special so I added some christmas balls and stuff. All these angels and christmas might offend the atheists and scientology believers, so I added an alien like they believe in.

Unfortunately your drawing is too big for all the swag I added :(

Good luck xxxxx


Hahaha that's great. Take notes people, take notes!


^ That design right there could really use some love. Or a comment and vote would do nicely ;p (see what I did there?)

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