Any Threadless dribbble-rs out there?

I have had a dribbble account for a long time now but just have never really done anything with it. Was going to experiment with making a post now but I think that I need to be "invited" to post - I don't know much about the site.

Anyone post anything cool there? Do you like the site? Can you invite me to post? What is your username there?

My username there is cartooner (aka Aaron Burk) and it looks like I am still a "Prospect"

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Never heard of it. Looked it up. You can show people what you are working on? What other benefits does it have?

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There's a little hiring and scouting happening there, I've had a couple of little jobs through it ..but I feel like it's getting a bit saturated and putting a lot of hirers off.. and becoming just a place where people put up little things for no real reason anymore.

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Ya, I wasn't completely sold on it or anything. And I have no idea how to even post anything so that is a pretty huge downside - haha

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