Luausy vacation (W.I.P) Could use some advice!

I'm working on a hawaii print for shirts/bags/laptopcases etc.
All the drawing is finished nowm but I can't decide what to do with the colours!
I would really appreciate some help here :)

(keep in mind that it wil be a repeating pattern)

White 1

White 2.

Pink 1

Pink 2

Blue 1

Blue 2

Watch this
Abstract Matter

I like White 1 the best! I envision the pattern to be tighter together in the final design. This is really cool and imaginative though, keep it up Stef!

Raulio profile pic Alumni

Haha nice idea. I like most the yellow.


Really nice work. I agree with Abstract, will be good to see it tighter and perhaps individually angled slightly. Maybe a little more contrast/brighter colours - look at some vintage hawaiian palettes to get some inspiration?

Stefbros profile pic Alumni

tighter? really? oops, haha. In the final design it´s even placed further away from each other:P Ill give it a try. Thanks!


I think this is a rad idea. I would love to buy this print.

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