Monsters - WIP's and critique

I really like the new 'original monster' challenge, when I doodle all I draw is monsters.
So here are some sketches and work in progress designs.
I won't have time to make a design out of all these sketches, contact me if you want to collab.
Also if someone can tell me how to make the posted images on a blog smaller, that would be much appreciated.

Family Portrait:
up for scoring!

The Creator
Almost finished, but I'm not sure if I should submit this to the monster challenge though...


Watch this
thomas callahan

Love these! I think you should remove the glow around the blue-haired lady's head, and make the shadow smaller and lighter. Awesome!


So creative! Love these! I agree with thomas though, that shadow on the bottom is way too heavy. I think my favorite monster is the first on in your sketches with the devil horns, it just has really nice lines.

Mantichore profile pic Alumni

thanks! I changed the shadow and the glow so it's more subtle. I think I'll submit this one and start working on one of my sketches.


Hey man. I like the fourth sketch (the monster with a creature in a cage around the neck). You can add all kinds of warts and lesions on his skin, sort of like the goblin king from the hobbit. You can also color all of his minions black and have the creature in the cage carry some kind of bright light. You can also have some sort of light bouncing off the background behind the monster (and have little fire torches scattered here and there), as if he's in some subterranean cave (the lighting/mood could be like the prison from Tai Ling's escape scene in Kung Fu Panda).

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thanks man, good ideas! I had something similar in mind when drawing this. (and I drew this not long after seeing the hobbit, so probably very influenced by that). But I might not have enough time to work on it before the deadline though (only 3 days left). Maybe as a regular threadless sub... And that escape scene was probably the best scene of the whole movie, so awesome!

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so... should I sub The Creator as an original monster design, or should I work on it some more and sub it as a regular design?


<3 loved it! Must be grate to have skills :)

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thank you. The skills I have are only there because I keep practicing, and thanks to other people helping me. If I look back at the stuff I drew three years ago, heck, even a year ago, it makes me laugh and cry. Because I see that I improved a lot, but there is still much room to improve my skills. My advice: don't give up, keep doing what you like and ask for advice (which can sometimes be frustrating on this forum if you don't get a lot of response, but the people here are awesome, helpful, but most of all honest when it comes down to critiquing)

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