How do you do it???


Kinda new in here, been working on 3-4 designs but wanna make sure they're well developed before starting to submit.

Just wondering whats your preferred style, and if you vary much or switch it up.

I personally like to play with ink or give it a sketchy feel, but been experimenting with photography as well, not too into digital colouring, I do it but I'm afraid of getting that blocky "paint" feeling which just seems unappealing. I'm leaving my sketch of what I've done so far to see if you guys like it or not.

tldr; Share whats your personal and favourite way of making them t-shirts we all love/hate.

Watch this

FIx'd it forgot to upload my image :)


Really dig your style and the look of your work so far! I work pen and ink or pencil and paper a lot and then sort of re.create it in Illustrator if I want a vector feel to it. Or with some things that I want to look more sketchy I scan or photograph and in Photoshop I manipulate hue, saturation and contrast until I get the look and feel I want.

Don't know if that's really what you were asking for and about, but hope it helps!

I also know that some folks on here collaborate, one will do the preliminary sketches and someone else will create the vector art and do the shirt layout. But I'm kinda new here too so not really sure how that works.

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Not sure what the concept is here, but you've definitely got the drawing talent to be successful here.


Hahaha ltdRun yeah it helps! i was just curious how people did their tee's in here,

the concept behind was making a whiskey bottle with a gentleman physique, it'll probably have a victorian-esque font and a silly pun or rhyme.

not too sure if we are allowed to put fonts on due to copyrights, does anyone know?

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You have to either use a font that isn't copyrighted or draw your own. I would suggest drawing your own.

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I like your style. I like line-art. I'm looking forward to see how things are going. You're inspiring me to do something with ink.

I usually start with a pencil-version, I skip the sketching part, somehwat. Scan it, en re-do it in illustrator.

A example of a very chaotic sketch from a project I'm working on (for threadless!) + food staines. Yum.

It also consist out of multiple sheets. Now I look at it my way of working is ridiculous and I feel like a hobo dealing with a psychosis.


welp I draw directly on photoshop.


Also a traditional artist here. i absolutely love your style! the character design and the hatch work is fantastic! Can honestly say i would buy this design on a product!

Happy sketching and keep it coming!

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Welcome to Threadless, I guess my work style differs, so far all of my submissions have been drawn directly with a mouse in illustrator, i like clean crisp images but i understand its not to everyone's taste. I haven't done it here yet but for all my professional work outside of threadless i draw it up with paper and pencil, photo it with my mobile phone ( can't be bothered to buy a scanner), bluetooth it to my Imac and then colour it up in either Illustrator or Photoshop. Maybe i should change it up here also and also maybe i should buy a scanner :-)


Rossmat, thanks i found a commercial font i can use and ill just add some detail to it,

Poeha, Thanks, the sketch looks good, i love almost all of the aliens in the pic (xenomorphs are scary!)

Missy, its really motivating when people like my projects, thanks a bunch!

mip, I also use my camera,if things go well i might buy a scanner haha!


here is the final design if you wanna comment if its missing something or if i should improve something, im thinking of leaving it black and white.


i kinda fuck around on photohaus, then chicken out and don't sub it :/

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It's nice work but I think the difference in style between the font - which is quite obviously digital and ver clean- and the character which is not, is too big. If you like the font style, consider redrawing it yourself.

I'd also look at making it smaller and the character bigger and try integrating them together a bit better. I like the idea though - there's real potential here


Took into account and made some corrections, thanks for the critics. I may have done very slightly since its current composition is very much of my liking, lets see how it goes :)

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