Do you shower in the morning?

I thought everybody does but I was wrong. Some people go to work without a morning shower. Really??? I will feel so sleepy without a morning shower. In fact, I shower twice a day. When I used to live in Malaysia, I shower 3-4 times a day to keep myself refresh.

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I'm always running late in the morning, I prefer to shower before I go to bed.

Malcolm Man

Both night and day, it's the only way to play!


I usually shower twice a day but it really dries out my skin so I've been trying to limit myself to one. The other thing about showers is that they warm me up and I get cold very easily.


ohhh, probably I am the only one. I came froma hot country. I am used to a mornng shower and an evening shower


I shower once a day, but it's in the morning.


i shower at night so i can sleep later in the morning!

plus, i hate going to sleep dirty.


sorry, my typo. I am having snack and typing. Multitasking


Alyways shower at night, but only sometimes in the morning. I don't normally though - there is a drought on! (and yes, it's hot here too, which I why I sometimes shower in the morning too.... but when it's really really hot I may have 3 very short showers :P )


where are you from iNINE


usually it's only at night because i too am usually running late... but some days i will also have a shower in the morning...


Every Wednesday.


I shower in the morning, if not then I can't get rid of my bed head. If I sleep in and can't shower in the morning I feel gross the rest of the day.


i shower both at night and in the morning...its the only way 2 go


i shower when i have time.


nope, because then I have to get up earlier. Plus if it's cold, my hair might freeze waiting for the bus (I don't blow it dry). And I like to be able to control it instead of just letting it dry in whatever direction it wants.

So, yeah, I shower at night.


seems like twice a day is quite rare.


twice a day is pretty hard on your skin, not to mention your hair if you wash it both times.


I hate when it freezes.


I'm from Queensland, Australia. In summer the temperature sits constantly around 100 deg F


I used to shower at night but then I started feeling gross when I woke up, so I switched to mornings and that works fine for me. Plus I always hated going to bed with wet hair, which I would have to do because I was too lazy to blow-dry my hair. Or something.


usually at night so my hair can dry


i cant shower at night, when i wake up my bangs curl in random directions and the rest of my hair makes me look like i am in the 70s.


hmmm that explain my shapesless hair. My house is full of L'occitane moisturiser

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

It's all about the evening shower to me. I love going to sleep feeling all my pores open and as soft as a new-born baby's bunghole. But I work nights and don't usually shower until 5-6 am, so that almost counts as morning showers to some people...



thats what time i go to bed usually too, frickinawesome.

seriously though, for studio, i would get up at 10, and be at class by 10:15, have class til 12, go to lunch, shower at 1 pm, to be at class by 1:30.

or i would get up at 9:30 and shower before class, but when im going to bed at 5 - 6 am, 9:30 doesnt sound so appealing.


i shower twice daily also.... unless i go surfing then it will be thrice... once in AM once after surfing and before bed.


Always at night. I like to feel all fresh and clean before I go to bed, and I hate waking up early.


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I usually shower twice a day, but i always shower in the morning, if i go to the gym i have three showers in a day.


If I take a shower at night, my hair is greasy by morning.
It isn't really a problem for me either since I wake up at the same time every day I take 5 minute showers.
If I took a shower twice a day my skin would be icky and crackly and and hair would completely die.


i shower every morning. it just seems weird to me to not do so because im so used to it. and yes, if I go to the gym, I shower afterward too

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

I only shower after I run.

Otherwise I'll seriously not shower. And I won't even notice.

But it's usually in the middle of the day or at night.


I try to get up at 5.30am to exercise before I go to work. But I failed.

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

I can't run unless I've eaten sometime during the day. I just don't have the energy unless there was once food in me.


yeah, that's how I am if I want to run. I have to have eaten first. I usually work out at night or late afternoon


I used to shower at night, but a few years ago I decided to start showering in the mornings instead. My hair is super long, so unfortunately that means waking up super early so I can get to work on time.

My job can be gross, so sometimes I shower again after coming home from work.

MeLa de Gypsie

I always take at least 2 showers... one in the morning.. one before I sleep.

I usually don't eat before I leave the house though.


different times. it depends


before bed. No time in the morning.

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

i don't shower.

i don't get the point of it.


if i don't have time, i just lick myself, like cats do.


morning and night and sometimes in the middle of the day, i have one of these...

and it makes hard to take short showers...


we have the shittiest showerhead and water pressure. . .my mom refuses to buy a new showerhead because she likes this one. . i think it's older than i am.

it's so shitty. . .

and we cant take baths at my house because theres like no beam under the tub or something. . .




sometimes both

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