2013 subs: new sketch (08/04/13)

new blog for 2013, I'll be using this blog for rough sketches and shameless promotions, and maybe a few art things that aren't related to threadless..

The Weather 'ere in landan is getting slightly less shitty, so it inspired me to sketch this while daydreaming about the sunshine, didn't really make it with threadless in mind but I kinda like how this came out, so I'll pop it on a template and see how it looks, either way I want to use it for something..enjoy!



Lumbered: 3.12

Abominable Broham: 3.42

Modern Day Warrior: 3.19


"UC" SCORE: 3.07

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sweet n sour
sweet n sour profile pic Alumni

that monster is superb dude love it

sweet n sour
sweet n sour profile pic Alumni

you are not wrong dude. On a somewhat related note I picked up a copy of that monster sticker bomb book you're in :)

Boiled fly
Boiled fly profile pic Alumni

awesome!!!! love your style!!!

Faymuss profile pic Alumni

That 3rd one on purple is freakin sweet! I really dig the color palette

Abstract Matter

Your work is really inspiring to me, man. I love your monster design

moosabman profile pic Alumni

mmmm so gewd....


That monster is totally awesome!!!! Love it!



i am wearing "i see colours" today to my staff meeting. hooray gushing eyeballs!


andddd i would wear the SHIT out of that monster shirt.

modular colors

All of them look sweet! The croc is badass, your style is UP. Congrats!

citizen rifferson
citizen rifferson profile pic Alumni

thanks thread-folks! also it's a known fact that gushing eyeballs make any staff meeting better, increases productivity and stuff, not sure how but it does but those are the facts.


obviously all really great. Your color choices are boss.

citizen rifferson
citizen rifferson profile pic Alumni

had a bit of time to work on the recent sketch, should be up for voting soon, also thanks for the great scores on the monster subs!


Really like the new sketch, the color scheme is perfect, too. I totally think you should make it into a proper sub.

jieyi profile pic Alumni

you have an amazing style! you should definitely turn that sketch into a full design. i look forward to seeing your future works (:


always love your styles!.

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

I love that sketch! Drunk toucan for the win.

citizen rifferson
citizen rifferson profile pic Alumni

thanks! it might look decent as a one colour design, hard to tell at this stage..but I'm looking forward to getting started on it at some point


Big fan of your work! Sketch looks great!

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