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Gather around with some hot cocoa and warm up by the monitor!

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Watch this
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...there totally was a channel playing this on TV last year...24 hours for who knows how many days...occiasionally there would be chirstmas songs over it. it was rediculous


roasts chestnuts

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AHA!!! I knew someone else had seen it...I got laughing so hard, I left it on in the background last year as we opened presents


This year, WPIX of New York is having its 3 hour version, plus its own documentary.

And as a bonus, WGN of Chicago has made an iPod version for download.


There you go, Lemonalle!

Everyone, grab yr cups!


I like twenty-four hours of A Christmas Story much, much better.


Thanks! I'm nice and toasty now.

That would be a perfect video to have a disgusting mutant pop out at you.


bump for another log...

And TikiToaster...that gives me a bully idea, especially with the QuickTime file I have.


we do it in new york every year. its been a family tradition since i can remember to open our presents in front of the yule log on tv. sounds kinda lame, i know. and it is.


I've downloaded it to my laptop and I went to Mr Theologian and told him that we now have a fireplace. He was extremely amused.

I'm planning to set it up so it can be seen in our 60 inch HDTV.


haha, MadTheologian - I did the same thing. I downloaded it to my computer and was looping it in the bg, while studying. there's nothing like a warm fire on a um... not-so-cold December day.


its not even cold enough for a fireplace yet!

damn el nino.


bump for this year...

Gather around...we have sofas and a nice roaring fire!


Is the Yule Log Channel up yet?


lol... when i was a kid my dad told em that at the end of this a bunch of guys came out and pissed all of the fire to put it out...



It's Christmas eve, we have our dinner, and it is time for us to warm up by the fire. A blessed Christmas to all of you from the Theologian household.


bump for another year!

Drinking low carb chai. Grab a cocoa and there's plenty of sofas!


How ya doing Steve? As great as usual?

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