Things I wish people would draw (or Free art ideas from a girl who can't draw.)

Well, the other night I was having a conversation with a collegue about engineering, construction defect, etc... - you know, the average bar-talk. BUT, I had a really funny (to me) idea, and if I could draw, I'd draw it. But I can't. So sad. What do I do with all these great ideas that if I drew I could draw them and be a super-drawer? "Hey," I thought to myself, "THREADLESS can help! Maybe I can live vicariously through someone else who wants to take my silly ideas and turn them into semi-reality..."

So, here's my first idea. Feel free to add others (if you want people to take your ideas and give you no credit for them). But, please, threadlesshomies...just genuine ideas you think are good. If you want to post ideas that are stupid (and hey, there's a market for that, too), make your own blog. (Of course, this is encouraging value judgment-ing...what a jerk I am!)

Drum back to the beginning...I was thinking about this term in construction defect, but I couldn't think of the right one (the right one is thermogalvanic corrosion). The WRONG one I thought of was photovoltaic corrosion. See, that makes no sense. Because there's no light underground. I was trying to make sense of it after a long day and a cocktail that went straight to my head, and in the glaring eye of someone who knew I was making sh*t up. So, to make sense of my stupid idea, I thought, well, photo = light. There's no light underground. UNLESS........earthworms are wearing miner lamps on their heads!

So, if you can draw, maybe you could make a drawing of earthworms with miner lamps on their heads.

I think it's hilarious. I can see it in my head. (So, here's where the value judgment come in...most people won't think this is funny...but hey, it's my blog.)


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bananaphone profile pic Alumni

oh god, if you can't draw something so simple you musn't have any eye hand coordination at all.

they are WORMS cmon...

DesignbyProxy profile pic Alumni

what?...worms don't already have lights on their helmets?, everything I've known in life is a lie!


bananaphone...i have no hands...or eyes. i do all this in my head.


be nice bananaphone!

bananaphone profile pic Alumni


You could draw worms with a pencil between your teeth.


you're one intelligent drunk...

LinaPants you're making me feel really bad about myself. i have no teeth, either. (I'm sounding more and more like a worm...if I could draw, it'd be like a self portrait, no?

Oh, and in my defense...most of my bar-talk has NOTHING to do with either engineering or construction defect or thermogalvanic (or the made up "photovoltaic") corrosion.

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

Anyone ever heard of Joni Earekson? She's paralyzed, and draws with her teeth. And she's actually pretty good.

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