Whew! I feel better

Hello there everyone! My submission has been updated by the amazing Dan and I'm feeling much better about it now. Have a look!

Always Prepared

Watch this

There's a bottle template included in the sub kit that shows you where the art needs to go (nothing can go behind the logo, for example). Hopefully that will help!

Abstract Matter

Hi there! I see you must be 21 years of age due to that being the US law. However, could I get around this, being an eighteen year old from England and therefore legal to drink?


It says that you need to be 25 and a US resident under the "Legal Stuff"

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

yea you have to be 25 and a us resident :(


I downloaded the template but I don't know what dimension/proportion to make my hi-res art file...if it wraps around the bottle what is the width and height the overall design should be? Am I making this more difficult than it really should be? lol

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theres a file named: 750ml_Template_2

the actual dimensions are on there.


Ahhh so apparently I'm just blind. Thank Eric!


Help! I feel like this is either really cool or really lame


Momma needs a new pair of shoes


LOVE the swirly wind...and light blue + red = awesome :)

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Great design for the contest. I really drawing a blank for my own design so kudos on the concept and execution.


Thank you guys =) I know I had no idea what to do at first. I'm working on another concept right now that might be a bit of a stretch to some but we will see!


cool design!


Thanks loves =) btw Chris your T-rex is hiLARious


that's sweet!


Thanks! Does anyone know the answer to my question?


Ill just do a re-sub I guess because it couldn't hurt. Thanks!

Dan Yingling

If you have already re-submitted I can just remove the first submission for you. If you haven't you can send me your updated slides. Dany@threadless.com


Oh goodness I did just resubmit but would you just be able to delete the resub and update my slides instead? I'm sorry I'm being difficult =/


You are just delightful. I'll send you the updated slides now. Thanks so much Dan!


i was wondering if you just pooped or what...


Hahahaha...from what I gather...you would think that =)

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