Hits and misses 2013. My Threadless year

So, another year at Threadless almost passed. This became my most productive year with 37 designs.
Feels like I am still searching for my style (if you found it, please let me know!) but I think that I this year learned to work faster and somehow feel what kind of concepts will get a decent score.

Here are a short list of my 2013

Highest score: 3.55

Comment: I guess this Twitter thing is quite popular or?

Lowest score: 2.21

Comment: Have to learn to draw superheroes better.

Personal favourite:

Comment: Fun to make and got a nice score.

Longest time to finish:

Comment: The most hand made (real pen and paper) design I have done so far.

Shortest time to finish:

Comment: My wife came with the idea, I did the drawing and subbed it. Done in 40 minutes.

Have a great end of the year and see you all in the brand new 2014!

Finished scoring

Score: 2.42

Score: 2.51

Score: 2.91

Score: 3.09

Score: 3.02

Score: 3.05

Score: 2.96

Score: 2.79

Score: 2.81

Score: 2.56

Score: 2.84

Score: 2.21

Score: 3.55

Score: 3.08

Score: 3.32

Score: 3.39

Score: 3.24

Score: 3.34

Score: 2.91

Score: 2.43

Score: 3.06

Score: 2.94

Score: 2.74

Score: 2.92

Score: 2.95

Score: 2.97

Score: 2.60

Score: 3.18

Score: 2.62

Score: 2.53

Score: 3.32

Score: 3.01

Score: 2.67

Score: 2.70

Score: 3.11

Score: 3.32

Score. 2.85

Score: 3.06

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I'm feeling the 'all together now' regular version:)

melmike profile pic Alumni

Fantastic Four one is cool, like the concept, like the simple "cutesy" style, I'm just not certain that's it's 'tshirt' artwork. Don't' get me wrong, I'd wear it in a heartbeat, but I'm a FF NERD! Just thinking of the masses here. Your dark side of the toon one though is in my top 3 of all the Mickey designs so far... Even non-Mickey fans I'm sure would be happy to wear it. So good luck with that one!

Ian-S profile pic Alumni

This one isn't working for me so well. There's elements I like but I'm not sure it's for me. However, I really like "Dark side of the Toon." That's a clever idea and very nicely done.

Ian-S profile pic Alumni

PS. If you keep up this rate of work I can see a print in the future. Good stuff. Keep it up!

BeanePod profile pic Alumni

haha, that one got a chuckle....specially the way you mocked it up.

i love silly stuff :D

BlancaJP profile pic Alumni

It's only the early side of the year and so much already done, with some nice scores too - way to go ! I'm still smiling at the carrot and bunnies :D from the treadwars.

Goto75 profile pic Alumni

Thanks, I have tried to keep up the subbing this year :) The bunny one has been the most fun to make so far. Right now I am working on a Hulk design for that challenge.

BlancaJP profile pic Alumni

Hulk ! cool I'm looking forward to that one. I've thought about doing something for it, but I think I might not have a Hulk in me.

Goto75 profile pic Alumni

The Beginning finshed with a score of 3.55!

Thanks everybody, I think I have a new all time highscore :)


Like the typewriter.

nickv47 profile pic Alumni
Goto75 said:

Cloud Town just finished scoring. Score: 3.32 96 fives and 82 ones


kickass score! i'm still working on your remake, hopefully have it done next week. great subs this year!

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