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i did this design with a friend, for the east meets west challenge, and i really thought that we had a winner. ok, maybe not a winner but in the first 60 for sure. turns out i was very, very wrong. more like 180 was the end result. so, now i want you to tell me what was wrong with this design so i could incorporate that knowledge into my future designs. i obviously am missing something. i really thought this was my best design so far, but it scored second worst. help O_o

also if someone could explain to me how put images directly into the post i would be very grateful
thanks :D

Watch this

come on guys. i would really like to know what you think.

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The illustration, though a little flat, is exceptionally executed. The concept, while good, was very similar to a lot of the other designs that were scoring. You may have been overlooked in the slog of scoring designs with similar themes. I think the designs that did very well, in this challenge, were the ones that came at the concept from a very unique perspective.

I hope this helps.

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