My bests scores on the new site - updated 04-16

Watch this

Wow, the 'Invisibles' illustration is hauntingly beautiful.


Congrats speakerine! Love your designs dude!


Every one of these designs are great! ..with rhinoplasty being my fav. Congrats on the solid scores :D

pijaczaj profile pic Alumni

all are really good and deserve a print 8) question from amateur - those cows are reworked photos or drawings? - I always wonder about that.

speakerine profile pic Alumni

Thank you! The cows are old engraving public domain pictures, I converted it in bitmap mode with 50% of diffusion. The rest of the design (hats, necktie, shadows, corrections, etc..) are drawn with the pencil tool in Photoshop.

pijaczaj profile pic Alumni

Thanks - actually hats looks better (more detailed) than cows so it wasn't easy for sure 8)

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

Cow Cow Nuts has got to be a print.

Ian-S profile pic Alumni

Man. You've had some pretty kick ass scores!

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