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Monster Design -- critique greatly appreciated!

"Those Monsters Are Intense!" (aka "Those Monsters Are In-Tents!"?)
Need to figure out how to write my title... hahah

Also, just looking for some feedback on my design!
The background is the top-choice for shirt color, but
I've also debated using brown or a different green.

Anywho! Anything would be appreciated! :D

Watch this

It makes it symbolic to make it only one person, if it is me, and to come out from a tent.


i don't think your concept is very clever. monsters aren't "intense", if you get what i am saying? i can see that you have put a lot of effort into this already, but i don't think it will go anywhere.


Thank you for your feedback! I feel I disagree with you on whether or not monsters are intense...perhaps my monsters aren't very intense, since I drew them in a more silly manner. But monsters in general, I think, are--which is why the idea came to me. & since Threadless is such a fan of wordplay, I figured I'd give this pun a go!

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