ASG Guitar- PSD template help?

I'm not sure if something is just going over my head right now, but for the guitar template in the ASG competition, is there a way to over lay the template above the design and make it so the design magically fits into the template? It did this automatically with the shirt part..

Or do I need to cut it out myself? Thanks!

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Bill Pallas

Hello! I have the same problem, the LP template doesn't fits exactly in the submission template...on which one should the design be created? Thanks

alexmdc profile pic Alumni

you can grab the art that has the bleed on it, and take it over the to presentation, there should be a layer with the mask already created.

digsy profile pic Alumni

on the layer called "Art goes here" there's a mask. if for whatever reason your artwork when pasted into the template doesn't go on to that layer, then just drag the mask onto wherever your artwork is and it'll mask it into the shape of the guitar. is that what you wanted to know?

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