looking for feedback! FIRST DESIGN

Hi, This I'm going for my first submission and I'm willing to hear some opinions and critiques from you! I was thinking of placing this design maybe in a toddler or kids canvas that's why I chose candy colors and gave it that childish coloring style!

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nice illo, if you look in the internet. one of my source of color inspiration is kuler.com. very helpful

Alastair Brian

The design is great. Specially the color combination.


Very cute - The style reminds me of a '91 era of bright graphics


it is crap.


not the type to add anything, Taz? :P


Just don't say the same about my stuff in the future. I will literally wilt like a sensitive plant (yes, actually fold up my leaves and wither)


awww i am actually not a shitty person. i just think people should be more honest than ^ those comments. does this have any chance of printing imho? nope.


and what is a weird piece of toast/ cauliflower standing on a tape ddeck saying "hey baby boom that is my box" mean anyway? it is just silly. and not good silly.

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I'm afraid I'd have to side with Taz on this one. Perhaps a bit harshly worded but true nonetheless. Browse around in the Threadless catalog a bit more, see if you can figure out why each design has been printed.

Most of the times, there's a solid concept behind the design. There are some silly ones that got printed for being silly, without any concept, but that silliness is usually combined with great art. Take a look at your design, and look honestly. There is no real idea behind it, is there? Is it a muffin or a monster on top of a boombox? Why is the boombox playing music when it isn't even plugged in??

Another point you could work on is execution. Take for instance your linework. Not everything has to be perfect, but there is a lot of room for improvement there. Lines not meeting up, sloppy shapes, etc. The coloring is rather crude, going over the lines in various places, feels a bit sloppy. Now this could be intentional, as you mentioned you wanted to give it a childlike vibe and children don't always color between the lines, I get it. But it takes some practice to nail that sloppy kind of feel and still make it look good. The colors I get, wouldn't be my first choice but I get what you're going for.

In short, keep going, refine more and keep practicing. Would not hurt to browse around to see what others are doing, and try to figure out why those designs work, what was the designer going for, how did they do it, and why did Threadless pick it out? If you can figure out those things and apply them, you've made a big step towards creating designs which might just win.


THANK YOU demented! That's what I was looking for! A strong point of view without having to be disrespectful! I will look around!

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