Declined idea, please help me to improve it.

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I don't get it. It's Napoleon Boneparte with no mouth and nose, with the words liberty, insanity and geniality underneath it... But what does that mean? What's the 'thing', the joke, the clue..Why doesn't he have a face? I'm lost.


I chose to make it without nose and mouth for a mysterious face, like a neutral mask(carnival). The only thing who represent you, and how others know you it's your art, your thoughts and so on.

Liberty it means, liberty to think, to act and so on. Insanity means that think which make you unique, your ideas, your art and so on. And finally, geniality means that everyone is a little genius in his own way. So, the art and your creation represent the man beside the mask, the human complexity.

It's little bit philosophical... it was just a strange idea.. :)


I think it's just great :D I think maybe the colour could be different to make it more effective, personally i think red background and black outlines


and I can use any word, like "Fraternite" even:

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I still don't get the joke. Maybe that's why it's declined, there are too many dumdum's like me here.

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Text based designs like this don't score well, you'd need to make your own typeface for people to like it and even then. The text is also way too large and not at all integrated into the piece.

Its an obscure reference, I'm sure some European voters might be aware of Frances motto 'Liberté, égalité, fraternité', but it might be a stretch expecting others to.

The illustration itself looks traced, its one colour, the detail around the collar looks a bit strange and it just looks like you don't like drawing noses and mouths.

Hope this helps.


You could maybe have the text following a circular shape around the outside of him?

...or use this to somehow make a Star Bucks-esque parody? I dunno. XD

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I'll be honest.. I think the design is trying to hard to be something it's not. It looks like clip art to start with. It looks like the head from Napoleon crossing the Alps.

The text is dull and generic. It would help if you created this yourself.

That said take a good look at the types of designs that threadless has printed in the past. Dig through the catalog and the archive of sold out styles. Ask yourself if you can really truely see this as part of the "Threadless" collection. I will be 100% honest with you in that I don't see the concept fitting with threadless.

I would suggest that you ditch this idea and move onto something else. Again .. take note of the types of things threadless has printed. Cute / Funny / Witty / Clever / Weird / Beautifully Artistic / etc.

As you are new here I would suggest starting with designing something for a Themed Threadless Love's challenge. This will help you with the start of an idea :)


I got rejected before for having words, but they liked the design. So maybe delete the words and add a face. Also, think of another way to convey liberty and such, like him holding a flag or sword...

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