you like this? please i've some question

Hi i'm new, this is my first design for Threadless. !
This design represents the victory of nature against the city and its squared-shaped structures. :DD
What do you think about it? Usually how long it takes for the respons of the staff? it can be selected for scoring?

Watch this

i like everything about it except the font/type.

have you tried different styles?


The font is simple Arial strong. First i tried to leave without word but I liked very much the contrast green black..I should try to change the font but I wanted the writing to be simple because it is a simple concept


can you do a simple hand-drawn font?


Hand-drawn would definitely be better. The type right now is way to heavy I think and detracts from the imagery.

Sam MacGregor

I tend to agree with the comments about the font, I would like to see the concept minus the text all together. Also, I find the central tree to be a little too much, I think the muted trees in background work just find with minus big bold tree. Nice Job!


Thanks for the advice, I'll try to put a hand-drawn font and also a version without words. I will post soon the final versions to see which one is better. Thanks again :)

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