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WIP Moon hobo (Update #2)

I have an idea for a moon hobo illustration. Here is my sketch embellished with a tea wash. Any suggestions?

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kokloyo profile pic Alumni

Cool idea, watercolor style wont suit the illo IMO, looking forward to finished product...


I looove the style of this. Cool idea, too!


Its awesome, develop this idea. You have a really nice style

Sam MacGregor

I agree with the comments above and would also like to see the next rendition. Also, I just noticed something that seems I bit off. Is there something coming out of his mouth? Or is just suposed to be a scarf?

Emilee Beeson

Thanks for the feedback. I am working on a new revision now.


nice. looking forward to new revision


This is super lovely. Can't wait to see your new version. ;)

Emilee Beeson

Here is an update of my design. I would like any suggestions or opinions you have.

Sam MacGregor

Looks flat. Needs more depth shadows, plus I would put the pen work back in the moon.


The first thing I notice is that this guy has long legs and tiny arms. It's a little weird. The scarf blends in a bit too well also.


Is there a way to add a multiply appearance to your original tea wash to add the beautiful depth your original sketch had? Maybe make it all one colour, so if you set it multiply it wont add any more colours, it will just add a black halftone/texture to the design?

I love this. I think it's definitely on the right track. Another thing I'm not too fond of is the shirt colour choice. I think I'd prefer a darker colour to make the moon really pop.

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