WIP Moon hobo (Update #2)

I have an idea for a moon hobo illustration. Here is my sketch embellished with a tea wash. Any suggestions?

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kokloyo profile pic Alumni

Cool idea, watercolor style wont suit the illo IMO, looking forward to finished product...


I looove the style of this. Cool idea, too!


Its awesome, develop this idea. You have a really nice style

Sam MacGregor

I agree with the comments above and would also like to see the next rendition. Also, I just noticed something that seems I bit off. Is there something coming out of his mouth? Or is just suposed to be a scarf?

Emilee Beeson

Thanks for the feedback. I am working on a new revision now.


nice. looking forward to new revision


This is super lovely. Can't wait to see your new version. ;)

Emilee Beeson

Here is an update of my design. I would like any suggestions or opinions you have.

Sam MacGregor

Looks flat. Needs more depth shadows, plus I would put the pen work back in the moon.


The first thing I notice is that this guy has long legs and tiny arms. It's a little weird. The scarf blends in a bit too well also.

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