5 designs open for scoring... 62 designs submitted... 0 prints... HELP!

Hey guys!

I've been around here for years now and I've watched many talented designers have great designs get printed and I've worn a bunch of them as well. I've scored over 25,000 designs and have helped almost 1,000 shirts get printed. Well, now it's my turn! 2013 is my year (hopefully).

The new profile design has really helped me to remember how many prints I haven't received here yet, as seen below. You can click on the image to be taken to my designs or keep reading.

So, like the title up there says I have 5 designs that are currently open for scoring. I would appreciate comments and scores if you could spare them. If I'm doing something wrong or not quite right I would like to know about it. I will accept your honesty and attempt to use suggestions if possible on my designs in the future.

I will make this happen. I will get a print here at Threadless.
Click on the big, fat 0 to go to my designs.
Thank you.

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Musarter profile pic Alumni

Hey man, I almost know your pain; I have 50 designs with no print. At this point my goal is not a print but to get a score of over 3.0, another goal I have not achieved yet. These days I am trying to make designs for fun and hope they connect with people.

I looked at your work and from what I can tell, it seems you may not be connecting with the audience. I have seen designs with your level of skill print but they connected with the voters in a special way. Sorry to be terrible with examples. WIP blogs might help with some aspects of your designs too.

I would first try to collaborate with someone, to get outside your own head when considering design. My next suggestion would be to take a break to identify exactly what you want to get out of subbing; if a print is your soul motivation you will be discouraged over and over again. Get to place where it is fun again.

I probably don't have the answers but I hope something here will helps.

SteveOramA profile pic Alumni

Thanks for your suggestions. It's good to know that someone else is out there with the same wonder. Only time will tell what happens I guess.

nickv47 profile pic Alumni

I don't think you're there artistically yet. A lot of your subs aren't on a "print worthy" level. One of your earlier subs, the "luck" one (with the cat and stuff), was the only one that was really at a print level quality. The other subs just aren't very good, be it the illustration, colors, idea or what have you. However, I think your Alabama sub that is scoring currently is nice.

I think you might want to step back a second and compare your work to work of threadless artists that are successful: see what they are doing compared to your art work. Simple things like getting better references for your illustrations would help. And maybe being hard/harder on yourself about when you think a sub is ready to sub. You're going to have to find that point and not lean on the community for everything.

I think shelving a lot of ideas that you might have that aren't very "threadless". Seems like you like demons and witches a lot, but they don't translate well as a tee design, and aren't very fun or interesting.

Seems like you're progressing. I would look at more art that you make. Check out artists on tumblr, deviant art, comic books, art books, etc to get a better feel of what's good and what's bad. You have to be your own worst critic to get better, and looking at more art will help with that.

That being said, it took me two years to get printed after subbing like 50 or so subs. I still feel I have a long way to go with my own art and am no master by any stretch. So we all have work to do and need to keep pushing ourselves. So keep pushing yourself.

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