What Do You Do When....

What do you guys do when you have a friend, or a special person, and then they go like this:

And are gone?

Watch this


serious-er answer: there's really nothing you can do about the other person, so you have to decide how you're going to cope...sometimes there's no avoiding just being sad about it for a while.

But the good thing about life is that it does move on and so will you and maybe he (I'm guessing it's a he) will figure out his shit in the meantime...

Either way, you're fabulous and strong and I know you will get through it...and I'm always here for you, as I'm sure your other friends are as well :)

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you mean fart? if someone farts and they're gone I get really mad... because then I get blamed for it...


all those things that twigz said.

some people just don't know how to deal with things properly or tactfully, so they just walk away from it. it's just a fact of life.

i'm a firm believer in keeping a good line of communication open and just encouraging people to try to be considerate of one another. it's not always easy, but it's worth a try.

if a person just up and walks out of your life, you just have to accept it and try not to blame yourself. that's where you can drive yourself nuts.

i'm sorry you're going through this. *hugzzzz


Ryder: yes, it was the fart thing.

Lovely ladies: It feels like, the past few months, it's been person after person after person and it's starting to break me. :/

If it was an isolated incident, I feel like I would cope (as best I could), but at this point... there has to be something wrong with me ya know?

I thought it was happening again (AGAIN) after hanging out with a doodfriend last night where we ended up getting kinda... not even cuddling, but he had his arm around me.

I thought he was going to disappear and never ever talk to me again.

I don't even know.


yeah, you have been burned a lot lately, babygurl, and I'm sorry you've been dealing with all of that...it's tough and unfair :(

I don't know what else to say without sounding like a cliche...you're still young, younger guys are morons and can't deal with their feelings very well, blah blah blah biddity freakin' blah...but it's all true. I'm still figuring shit out myself, hahaha..you never stop growing and learning

you just gotta keep on...all you can do. There's a lot of a-holes out there, sure...but there's also a lot of really amazing people, too, and sooooo many good times and adventures to have... so find comfort in that...your whole life is still ahead of you :)

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that's why i only date cougars

not older women... the actual mountain lions...


That sucks, man. No one deserves to be cut off like that. But, it's best not to dwell on it.

The thing about it is, this is a statement on this guy's character. You don't want to be around someone who doesn't have integrity, anyway.

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everyone leaves and life is horrible


Thanks Omair. That, like, really helps.

You have no idea.


And yes....there's always the magical healing powers of unicorn punching...


I talked about unicorns in class today... fun fact....

Ryder Revolution said:

that's why i only date cougars

not older women... the actual mountain lions...



so have you heard from that latest dudeguy lately? or is he a dufus that needs to be speedbagged by me?


farts...unicorns...it all comes together right here:

(hey, I gave serious answers earlier!!)


Yeah, I heard from the latest dudeguy. I just don't know if it's going anywhere (good).

That is the most awesome (-ly sickening) pile of SHIT I ever did see. Literally, it's shit.


unicorn and thai food don't get along...

5 stars goin' in, 5 stars comin' out...

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