Worth pursuing?

Sketched this idea real quick, titled Climbing the corporate ladder.
Donkey Kong level idea, but with the office workplace, built out of the same sort of dividers they used in Donkey Kong, only grey I suppose.
Boss in the upper left, worker-guy on the ladder bottom right.

Good idea? Crappy idea? Let me know!

Watch this

dooooooo itttttttt

Ian-S profile pic Alumni

It's a nice idea. I think as he goes up the offices need to get nicer. The bottom being total pants and the top level being mega. I love the golf balls replacing the barrels. I look forward to seeing how this progresses!


yes! you're going to add more details, right? like the little golf ball dimples?

moosabman profile pic Alumni

personally I think the "black" should be darker. Pretty awesome idea!

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