I'm not an artist, but I have an idea for a shirt!

Hi there, I have absolutely no skill with creating visual art, but I always have ideas going through my head. I figured I'd throw an idea out and see if anyone wants to snag it and make something of it!

I'll start with a simple idea that I think has potential:

"Remember The Alamo"

Focus of the design would be a stack of yellow Post-It notes with "The Alamo" scrawled on the top. It could be made more fun and complex with ridiculous things going in the background, ie: Looney Tunes-esque cowboys and indians fighting with Yosemite Sam like characters, a caricature of modern day Texas, etc.

Please let me know what you think (even if you think this is a terrible idea) or share sketches or interpretations. Even if it doesn't get submitted, I'd just love to see what some of you folks can do with this!

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