Need critique help on my design please !!!

I'm new here and i've been declined a couple of times and the main reason why was the lack of concept i had on my designs. Since i am new here and they told me i can post a forum so i can get some critique from other artists i submited this design hoping to get some help on it :)

![Tree of Gold

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I don't really get the idea. Obviously I get at the end of a rainbow theres a pot of gold, or the flippant idea of a money tree, but I'm not so sure about a gold bar tree, whats the concept?

I think the design sits a bit strangely on the t-shirt too, it would be nice if it was integrated more. Instead of harsh green line perhaps you could fade it into the tee.


the idea was that at the end of a rainbow , there is a pot of gold but at the end of two rainbow you get a tree of gold :). I dont really know the concept , since a im new at this. Thanks for the advice i will try to improve :)

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I wasn't trying to be horrible or anything.

I think you have to work within existing boundaries sometimes, so whats associated with rainbows? Leprechauns, gold, rain, sunshine, magic, lucky charms etc etc, so from that pool of things what can you make?

If you're going to have a rainbow (let alone two rainbows as part of your concept) then you should be able to see it in its entirety. So what sort of shapes can you make with a rainbow or two rainbows? A circle, a loch ness monster shape, an infinity loop, and 'S', the list goes on.

Think about what needs to be in the illustration and what doesn't bring anything to it. The mountains in your design are a bit unnecessary and the giant red sun is a bit overwhelming. Don't get me wrong its nice to set up a scene sometimes, but you don't wan't it to be overpowering.

I hope this helps.


maybe it would be nice if rainbow looks asymetric and resize the tree (example: the tree put in left side and the rainbow in right side and the gold in the grass just in one side... then erase the sun * in just my opinion :)

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