i need some thought about mr happy

Watch this

I wish I could, but those files.. Way too small to see any detail, sorry


now, is that the largest resolution? Do you have a copy of that in 300 dpi? Also, what editing program are you using?


the resolution on them is 72dpi and im using photo shop and paint

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You need to be working at 150dpi at the least, but the higher the better. I do t have much more to say at the moment as I'm still struggling for details, but it does appear a little simplistic - what's the concept?


what do you guys think


i like it but i don't like how it's made .. if I can give some advice, I (personally) would have chosen to put only the man.


take the time to look at the artwork that has been printed here. then look at yours. do you really think people would spend $20 on yours? i think not. try again with something else.

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