Monster Challenge: Tea Time. Need feedback.

Hello! I'm really excited about this monster design challenge, I have a lot of ideas but here is just one of them. I was wondering if I could get some feedback. This is my first time posting.

I was also wondering if it was possible to make the green areas glow in the dark. I wasn't sure if glow in the dark was limited to a white..?
I also had tea time written on the bottom of the design but I didn't think it needed it. Do you guys think there should be some type of typography?

All comments welcome. :)

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Musarter profile pic Alumni

No text needed. Glow is possible; write it in the printing notes.

I like it so far. I would love to see a lager version to view the details. Awesome start.


Awesome, thanks Musarter! I've still got some cleaning up to do before I upload the actual thing but…. Here is a close up of it so far:

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